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All natural, tasty and nutritious.

Kasabah Falafel are protein-rich, high in fiber and are made with fresh vegetables in true Mediterranean style.

  • Serve as an appetizer with tahini or tzatziki sauce.
  • Enjoy as a healthy protein in a traditional pita.
  • Enhance a menu with a delicious and unique vegetarian slider.
  • Add as a topper to any fresh salad.

Frozen; Pre-Cooked

Cooking Instructions:
Best to thaw before reheating. Reheat thawed falafel in 350° oven on lined tray for 3to 4 minutes. If frozen, 7-9 minutes. Can also be reheated in microwave.

Download Falafel Spec Sheet 


Global Food Services, Inc. &
Kasabah Food Products

3515 W. Columbus Drive Tampa, FL 33605
Bring Falafel to your restaurant today. Contact us or download a spec sheet to learn more.
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