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Global Food Services is a Tampa-based food manufacturer that specializes in creating healthy, vegetarian foods, dips, sauces, and spices.

We work with restaurants, retailers, schools, universities, private labels, grocers, and customers in a wide range of industries to create healthy new menu items. Whether customers want to start from scratch or choose from our premade Mediterranean product line, we can help at each stage of the process.

Kasabah Mediterranean Foods

With our line of Kasabah True Mediterranean Foods, we offer a variety of healthy, authentic Mediterranean-inspired foods. We have the foods, dips, sauces, and soups that customers love, and we can send them directly to your business location.

Co-Packing and Manufacturing

Through our co-packing division, we help food-service operators scale food offerings and create consistency by managing the manufacturing and distribution of top products. We take over the creation, packaging, and shipping of your food items.

Custom Recipe Development

Through our custom recipe development program, we work with customers to create a defined recipe that can be produced at scale. We can help create recipes for seasonings, marinades, batter, sauces, gravies, breading, and much more.

Let’s create something delicious.

Contact us so we can improve your menu items and restaurant
operations to better serve both you and your guests.

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