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Ready-to-Mix Kit

  • Serve as a side dish, in a pita, wrap or sandwich.
  • Ready-to-mix kit. No chopping or measuring. Just mix bulgur and spice mix with water. Then combine all pre-chopped fresh vegetables and serve.
  • Traditional Mediterranean salad, celebrating fresh parsley. Parsley has
    • 3 times more vitamin C than oranges
    • 2 times more iron than spinach

Packaging/Shipping: Pre-packaged kit; Refrigerated

Preparation Instructions: Must be kept refrigerated.
Empty spice pack into bowl and add 16 oz cold water. Let stand 20 minutes. Combine parsley, tomatoes & onions, and hydrated bulgur mix in large bowl. Mix and serve.

Download Tabouli Salad Spec Sheet 


Global Food Services, Inc. &
Kasabah Food Products

3515 W. Columbus Drive Tampa, FL 33605
Bring Tabouli Salad to your restaurant today. Contact us or download a spec sheet to learn more.
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